Roughton & District
Womens Institute

Roughton and District WI is part of the Norfolk Federation of Women’s Institutes

How much does it cost to become a member?

Subscription for 2016 are on a sliding scale as follows:

  • January – March £39 (of which £19 is retained by our WI)
  • April – June £29.25 (of which £14.25 is retained by our WI)
  • July – September £19.50 (of which £39.50 is retained by our WI)
  • October – December £9.75 (of which £4.75 is retained by our WI)

What do you get for your money? 

  • 11 meetings a year January – November. 

  • December we hold our Christmas dinner. 

  • A monthly Gazette, which gives information about the Norfolk Federation. 

  • A copy of WI Life, which is a national magazine, issued 8 times a year.

Roughton and District WI has been a member of Noreaster group since 2011.  The group consists of Briston, Cromer, Holt, Roughton and District, The Runtons, Sheringham and Weybourne, They meet three times a year in April, September and December.